About us

About us

Company MONO AV is experienced audio-visual system integrator company and team of certified system designers. Majority of experience is gained within complex, large scale projects.

MONO AV provides consulting to help determine which audio and video technologies will best match a client`s specific requirements.

Our priorities are to design and deliver systems that are reliable and simple to operate. Having in mind future changes and technological advances, our goal is to design very flexible systems that would be able easily to adapt in the future.

Since audio visual systems could have a serious impact on the building itself and architectural design, recommendation is to involve our company in the design process from the earliest stages in order to achieve best optimum results and to avoid any problems that could appear later in the project.

We also coordinate our works closely with other services to make sure that audio visual systems are fully supported and integrated. Those includes power and cooling, communications networks and security systems.

We are able to cover every phase of your project and we can provide customized solutions.

Our services include:

  • Audio visual consultancy
  • Audio visual system design
  • Audio visual installation
  • Audio visual service and maintenance
  • Drafting services

Our services also include specialist project management and high level strategic planning.


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